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"FrontRow Seats"

Musically Inspired Furniture by   Rick Pickren
                       An eclectic batch of the unusual and Inspiring

Spring back bench
     one of a Kind
      It will Rock you!

Combining elements from a variety of Styles and Sources Rick Pickren has come up with a style he definitely can call his Own!

In Beautiful Rockaway Beach, Missouri there lies one very unique shop on the waters edge. 

A collector at heart, Rick has put his passion for musical instruments to one very unusual use. 

You`ll find an occassional ad listing the sort of items that Inspire Rick,  things FrontRow Seats will pay cash for on the spot. Look in one of the local Website Advertisements for his listing wanting "working or not" musical instruments. 
                                                   If these have Inspired you,   
                                         Email   Rick Pickren