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 START WITH OUR      Fret Crowning and  Fret end dressing tool.
                                              3 different size files included for  the right size Fret.
Fret file Crowning tool 3 in 1 fret ends
Working the fret file in a forward / backward motion (easy moves with a light touch) the fret will begin to crown (round over the top of the fret.) Fret ends are easily filed smooth with a little practice. I have used many files and even the sand paper stick to do this job and I will testify that this tool is one of the best to do the job. Practice with a few frets first before you decide to start on old pappy`s L5...an easy touch and bright light will reveal a smooth finish.
After you have crowned and finished the fret ends then its on to the polishing. Check out the polishing section next.