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Guitar Repair. From minor to Complete rebuilding of your instrument. We repair from top to bottom. Where the others leave off we continue on. Parts and service on hundreds of Stringed Musical Instruments. We specialize in the rebuilding of minor mishaps to extremely Major disasters...WE do it all...and with a Smile!
Neck resets, Fret and Fingerboard adjustments, Action, Intonation and electronics. And, thats just the beginning...our work continues through rebuilding broken necks, hollowbody, solid body, Acoustic body repair. Nuts, bridges, tuners and electronics.  We make our own saddles and nut out of Bone. Oh, and we do Nitro Cellulose too!
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 Read the story of the Yoga teachers guitar and his ordeal in the midst of an EF5 Tornado  
           2011 Joplin Tornado Guitar
Before                          After
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Supplied by:
Luthier Phil
Jay L`s 1973 Acoustic Brought back to life 
 What a beauty this turned out to be! 
Found and returned to owner after the Joplin Tornado of 2011
As you see parts had to be made and others rebuilt. We had a request to not simply replace but, rebuild and leave the original intact if possible. Managed to keep original bridge per customer request.
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