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Federated Fret Guard
Spring metal with Slot for solid body and acoustic guitar...Great for many other instruments!
Price: $4.25


Fret Crowning tool, Fret Dressing tool, Fret End, Guitar repair, Luthier tools
Fret Dressing and Crowning Tool 3 in 1
Received 3 different file inserts with this purchase. This Fret file handles most fret jobs, Small, Medium and Large size frets. This 3 in 1 tool Should be in Every Shop. Used for Fret Dressing. Fret End rounding, Fret Crowning and Filing high spots.
Price: $58.86

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           Limited Time Offer                                                               $13.16
The big RED Phatty               
 3 Extra Belts      Free of charge with purchase of every sanding stick
The Big RED Phatty sanding stick
Limited time offer. For a limited time we are throwing in 3 Sanding Belts into the mix absolutely free with every Big RED Phatty purchase. You will be amazed at how easy this sanding stick feels in your hand. Nice and Big!!
Price: $13.16
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                           sanding stick    Click here!

FederatedMusic Fret end file
Concave design. Fret End file Double sided file for dressing Fret ends
Price: $58.86

Pin Vise Drill Set
Includes: 4 Pc. Pin Vice set and 30 High Speed Steal bits from 0.05mm to 3.mm
Price: $24.95


Digital Calipers 6 Inch
Case included with 6 Inch Digital Calipers Change between mm and inches
Price: $23.95

Locking 12" Clamping tool
12 inch Locking Clamp (great for fishing thru sound holes and f-holes on Electric Archtop Guitars
Price: $16.95


Wax Free Tack Clothe
(low tack works great on guitars before the finish goes on) Wax and Silicone Free And its Lightweight too!
Price: $3.75


5" Deep Throat Clamp
5 Inch Deep Throat Neck and Bridge Clamp
Price: $11.99


8" Bridge and Body Clamp
Extra long 8 Inch Deep Throat Bridge and Body clamp
Price: $17.25