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Federated Music by Appointment

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Yes, We fixed this! Notice how the break happened. The finished product does not show any break what so Ever...Amazing repair!

Image shows guitar as it was shipped to us for repair. The repair required major work but, the repair was very successful including the complete finish work!

This has and is

One Sexy


By appointment in our private shop!

Repair and restoration on most Stringed Instruments

Call before shipping

to our location

 1960's Gibson gets new frets

              Stainless Steel

Another re-fret in the shop. We do several re-frets every year!

Things we do. Best !

Our customer chose this style of sunburst...

we did as he command!

Taylor face crack in for repair!

New and used trade-ins.

Vintage our specialty

Fine Instruments

Interesting to look at and even more Amazing is the

Repair achieved!


and After

We work on this type of repair as part of our daily routine. You may find us putting on an old Vintage Nitro Cellulose finish in Sunburst or using our system of repair to reattach a broken neck onto one of those Nostalgic Guitar bodies from yesteryear.

Any one for a new PRS!

Our Brick and Mortar location:

Federated Music

by Appointment Repair services

Springfield, MO


You never know what may come our way!

Fred Gretsch along with

Gretschen Gretsch (sister to Fred)

How about this Hurdy-Gurdy in for repair!

1967 J160E Gibson.

One of our newest projects walked in the door of our local shop here in Springfield, MO

Believe it or not...this was a Sunburst finish with a trans dark brown back and sides

Our mission: to turn this back in time. We will take out the added non-original piezo electronics and rewire the original P90 pickup. When finished the guitar will look as it did in 1967 complete with Sunburst Finish done in Nitro-Cellulose.

Panama Amplifiers

We`re excited to bring the Panama Amplifiers

to Guitar Shows and Festivals around the country. 

we enjoy working on these types of projects as much as we do tuning up an Old vintage Guitar!

Select gauges and types

Electric, Acoustic and Banjo

$19.00 Include a 6 pack with Jazz Style Guitar body Woody Picks

Includes Gift Box

Woody Picks

6 Exotic wood picks includes the Jazz style picks with Guitar body shape

Customer says: "Keep as much of it as possible"...and that means REPAIR not Replace as many parts as possible.

Another major repair finds its way into the shop! Half the top is lifting, Bridge actually had bolts, glue and prayers holding it on. Both binding and purfling are mostly missing along with some kerfing. Cracks throughout top and back.....we love doing this kind of job...more to follow later.

This Bridge Plate is in trouble..its very thin and Looks as though its chewed up to the bone!

...We`ll tackle this one the same way we did the broken guitar step at a time.............................................................

Things We Do!

Before repair After Our Repair

Repairing your Instrument is our Pleasure!

From minor setups to major restorations. 

Welcome Additions to our Growing family of suppliers.

Torreon Stands

 African Mahogany

Limited for availability

Federated Fret Guards

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