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Parts and Supplies


Tip: A type and B type is the curve of Tone or Volume. The A type potentiometer reaches close to 3/4 of its capacity with half a turn. The B type is incremental in Strength. B type is mostly for Volume and A type for Tone. There are many guitars setup with the owners personal preference though. Most Les Paul® type guitars use the 500k ohm pot and most Strat® type guitars use the 250k ohm pot. For Bass guitars the B50k ohm pot can be used for either Volume or Tone. Somtimes a Balance potentiometer is used instead of a Toggle switch. The blending pot has gained much popularity when rewiring your own 6 string guitar.

Small Base - Long Post for Archtop Guitars 9.6mm threads

A500 K           $ 4.25

B500 K           $ 4.25

A250 K           $ 4.25

B250 K           $ 4.25

Large Base - Short Post for Solid Body Guitars 6.3mm threads

A500 K           $4.25

Output Jack Mono      $3.75

3 Way Toggle Switch w/ Cream Knob        $10.25

Knob only for Toggle Switch

Choose between Cream, Black or White          $ 3.75

Chrome Output Jack Plate Curved             $ 4.95

Pickup Ring Black w/ tapered sides .194" tapered to .153"

For Humbucker style pickups                              $ 3.75

Bone Nut Blank w/ Curved top .204" thick x 2.1" Long x .449" Tall

Beautiful Light Cream / Ivory tone color       $ 7.95

Ready to Slot and cut to size

Bone Saddle Blank extra long and tall for your own shaping

Beautiful Cream / Ivory color tones

.137" Thick X .424" Long X .45" Tall          $10.95

Ready to form (adjust for Intonation) and cut to size.

1" Cloth-Backed Sandpaper 20 ft. Roll Perfect for

the final neck reset fitting. Simply slide the 1" width under the neck while

seating to the body and pull. The Cloth backing

will keep the paper from Easily tearing. Choose your Grit!

150 Grit 1" X 20 ft.               $ 19.75

240 Grit 1" X 20 ft.               $ 19.75

320 Grit 1" X 20 ft.               $ 19.75

400 Grit 1" X 20 ft.               $ 19.75

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